Another deadline tomorrow means pulling an all-nighter today. Even though sleep - just like food and water - is essential for our well-being, rest is often the the first thing we compromise in order to get more done at work or school. OuluES  event brought biohacking experts to Business Kitchen to discuss sleeping and give tips how to keep your body healthy and mind sharp.

First Jean Speville, a biohacker and the founder of new startup Vessla took the stage to share thoughts about good night sleep. This talk was followed by Emfit that taught us insights about sleep tracking. A speaker from Ōuragave some interesting facts about how measuring your body can help you understand lifestyle. Additionally, we got amazed by the stories of Pekko Vehviläinen who is the most quantified man in Finland.  

So that you can succeed by having better sleep, here are 5 key points that we took out of these interesting talks.

  1. Good sleep policy is a smart business strategy

Somehow we have ended up in a situation where people are bragging about how they slept only 4 hours because of work. We are so busy that we don’t have time to sleep. Really?

Our speakers beg to differ and we agree that sleep deprivation is not a sign of productivity. Missing your sweet 8 hours of sleep can cause poor short term memory, difficulties in concentration, chronic stress, tiredness and even depression. Not to mention that your bad sleeping habits also increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. So if you want to be efficient at work and stay in good health, save some time for some good deserved rest.

  1. Melatonin is the hormone of darkness

Melatonin is the sleep promoting hormone and it is very important for sleep. Darkness increases the amount of melatonin in your system and that in turn makes us sleepy. That is why light at night is super bad for your health as it confuses your brain. For example blue light beaming from devices, laptops and smartphones are disrupting melatonin production. So turn off your devices at least two hours before bed and let your body produce melatonin. Remember how also Ariana Huffington talked about digital detox in her talk at Nordic Business Forum 2015!

If you cannot be disconnected to the world even at bedtime, there are some hack for you: use blue blocking glasses two hours before bedtime and install for example Twilight or F.lux to your devices. But when you finally curl up under the blanket, make sure your room is dark by unplugging everything that glows.

  1. Take care of your sleeping habits

Sleeping should be easy enough but actually many things interrupt our dreaming. That is why we should pay close attention to our surroundings and sleeping habits.

We heard that in addition to making your bedroom dark it is the best to sleep in silence and enjoy the calmness. It is also good to let fresh air breeze into the bedroom and drop the room temperature. This helps you to sleep restfully and deeply.

We know it is sometimes difficult but try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. It is also said that you need to go to bed before 11 pm because that’s when you are the most tired. Timing is essential also in the mornings so it is suggested that you try to wake up at the same hour every day. Regular sleeping habits will help you feel much less grumpy, we assure you!'

  1. Be careful what you eat and drink

We learned that if you want to sleep well, stay away from alcohol. Alcohol actually reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and suppresses breathing. You know the terrible feeling in the morning after a long night out on the town? Yep, that is simply because drinking those cocktails can precipitate sleep apnea which is like you’re running a marathon while sleeping.

You should also know that it’s recommended not to drink coffee after 2 pm. Chocolate is also a no no. The halftime of caffeine is so long that it won’t disappear from your system in many hours.

  1. Power naps are recommended!

Yes yes yes! We are all allowed and recommended to take 20-30 minute naps. Power naps will rewind your entire system and give you an energy boost. They can also enhance learning and improve memory. Longer naps are also okay as long as you take care that your lovely naps won’t interfere too much with your sleep at night.

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Oh yes, we all have to admit that sleeping is wonderful. A good night’s sleep makes you feel happy and it invigorates your whole mind and body. Sleeping is the part of the day when your brains can take a break and just dream up new worlds and ideas. Therefore, let’s make the most of these moments and go to sleep.

Sweet dreams everyone!