Avanto Accelerator is a pre-startup accelerator program organized for the first time in Business Kitchen. The program kicked-off in September when nine teams of university students and researchers started developing their business ideas into reality.


During the three month program teams have taken part in various coaching workshops in order to improve their skills, know-how and business models. Participants have also gathered feedback from the market, validated their products and identified customers throughout the process and soon it is time to showcase what they have created.

The Avanto Accelerator Demo Day on the 10th of December will gather these young aspiring entrepreneurs in front of investors, business professionals and general public. On Demo Day we will see how the nine talented teams present and pitch their startups.

Here you can have a quick overview what kind of products and services the Avanto Accelerator teams have been building!


Hybrid is creating exciting cleantech solutions for sustainable and reliable power supply. They say that with Hybrid batteries, there will be no blackouts even in the most remote areas in the world.


Grovestream is bringing us something from the future. Their product is Exoice: a wearable armor frame that will initially help workers in the Arctic to tolerate the cold but also give them extra strength to increase their performance on the job.

Academy of Nordic

Academy of Nordic is offering camps and learning programs for Chinese families in Finland. This passionate team provides authentic Nordic educational tours and cultural experiences for young learners.


Hazzle identified an opportunity when they had a simple problem of trying to find something fun to do. Therefore, the team is developing a proximity-based app for discovering and creating events easily.


Housebook brings convenience and clarity to property related document and communications management.


Sandpit wants to provide coaching and know-how for teachers and caretakers about early childhood education.


Koreina team is in the business of beauty as they are building a webshop for cruelty-free cosmetics. With their help everyone is able to find ethically produced products conveniently. Koreina team believes beauty requires no suffering.

We want to warmly welcome you to join us on Dec 10th at Business Kitchen!