Crowdfunding campaigns usually last 31 days, but Oulu-based startup-company Asmo Charger seems to be in a hurry. Within the first 9 hours after releasing, the new and intelligent mobile phone charger was successfully funded and it continues to attract customers in At this point, someone would spread champagne all over the VIP-room but Asmo Saloranta, the inventor of Asmo Charger, keeps his focus on pushing the crowdfunding-project till the end.

Written: Janne Rautiainen

A large crowd of people were gathered in Business Kitchen Patio and finishing their meal. During the previous week there was an announcement that Asmo Charger will host a breakfast-event and tell some news about the future. And then Asmo Saloranta walked in front of people and proved that all the rumors were right. The company had started their second crowdfunding campaign.

Let us take a brief recap over what’s going on.  Everything started nearly two years ago when Asmo Saloranta was a student in Oulu Gamelab. One day his mother-in-law was visiting and she threw a question for him: Why don’t you invent a charger, which doesn’t catch a fire? 15 years ago her house was burnt down after a short circuit from a mobile phone charger. The question started to bother him repeatedly but one night he got the answer. During the next week he just took a tour in the Business Kitchen and told his idea of a energy saving and more fire-safe mobile charger to everyone. In the next two months the team was ready, the company was established and the negotiations with the future manufacturer were going on. And he also managed to even pitch the idea to investors from ice hole, but that’s another story. There was also a crowdfunding campaign in, which was boosted by media all over the world and everyone were talking about the idea. However, suddenly the campaign didn’t reach the goal.

At this point someone could have lost the faith, but only thing Asmo saw was the opportunity. “We got good visibility all over the world and we proved that there’s a need for a product like this” he replied after the campaign. And during the following autumn the company received 100,000€ funding from Butterfly Ventures to manufacture the first set of chargers. At that point the funding was mostly secured for a while, but Asmo wanted to take the second turn in the crowdfunding-game. He started to plan a new campaign in and this time it paid off quite well. Now 435 customers have funded the project with 22,697€ in less than two days while the target was 10,000€. The media has also noticed this and Asmo’s phone has been ringing constantly for hours.

One down and 30 more days to go!
One down and 30 more days to go!

But what is going to happen now when there’s plenty of time left? While asking from Asmo what he is up to, he instantly tells his plans. “During the remaining 30 days we will put a lot of effort on reaching the North American markets”, he says. And now this is possible while Asmo Charger’s campaign is going on in! Chargers can be preordered from starting at $35 before the campaign ends in June 26 th 2015. There's plugs for EU, UK and US sockets and both Micro-USB and Apple Lighting -connections are available. All chargers are going to be manufactured in Finland and sent to customers during October 2015.

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