11028244_10203779724156044_456101786_o Business Kitchen has hosted over a hundred students from several Universities from Shanghai who have come to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Oulu University. The Entrepreneurship Summer and Winter programs led by Dr. Xiaotian Zhang have been very popular and students have also been able to learn about Nordic culture and way of doing business. During their trip, in addition to studying in Oulu, the students visit Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Tallinn, and Stockholm.


The students were happy about being able to study in the Business Kitchen because "they could interact with entrepreneurs, other students, and teachers so freely". The location right downtown was very convenient, and the students really liked Oulu's, size, weather and cleanliness. Functioning wifi in the whole city center was surprising yet highly welcome.

Students had lectures, presentations, and had to pitch their own ideas. The top pitches were then made into business plans in teams and presented.


Studying creativity, the students were excited to build snowmen, learn how to ski, and go sledding. For many it was the very first time that they saw or played with snow. Some groups were even lucky enough to see Northern lights.



Photos by: Karita Kasurinen